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Everything You Need to Know about Insoluble Fiber Supplement

Do you want to add more fiber to your diet? If so then you should consider an Insoluble Fiber Supplement.


What Is Insoluble Fiber?

Before discussing tips for finding the best Insoluble Fiber Supplement it’s important to first discuss insoluble fiber itself. Insoluble fiber is one of two different kinds of dietary fiber. Soluble fiber doesn’t break down when it moves through the digestive tract. The result is it adds bulk to the stool and keeps bowel movements regular. This kind of fiber is contained in several types of plants.


Most people link insoluble fiber with irregular bowel movements. This kind of fiber helps a person’s stool to hold more water. Stools that are solid and bigger go through the intestines faster and more water helps regular bowel movements to move easier.


How to pick Insoluble Fiber Supplements

If you’re in the market for an Insoluble Fiber Supplement there are many types of the market. Here are some of the benefits of insoluble fiber:


  1. Diverticular Disease

“Diverticulosis” is a type of condition that includes infection and inflammation in the intestinal wall’s pockets. This is actually a common disorder that’s age-related. In fact, it happens in one-third of people over 45 years old, and two-thirds of humans older than 85. People who develop diverticular diseases typically have a low-fiber diet. It’s worth noting that the condition is much less among vegetarians/vegans since they eat more fiber than non-veggies. One study found that eating more insoluble fiber lowers the risk of diverticular disease by 40%.


  1. Weight-Loss

One study by Colorado State University (CSU) Extension showed that insoluble fiber has 0 calories and can help people feel full for a longer period. High-fiber food stays in the digestive tract for a longer amount of time. This keeps the brain from sending a signal to the body that it’s time to eat. That lowers the risk of over-eating and boosts weight loss.


  1. Constipation

If you’re looking for a fiber supplement to treat constipation then you should consider insoluble fiber. The reason is it can help to relieve/prevent constipation. It attaches to water as it moves through the human digestive tract. This helps to make the stool software and bulkier, which lowers the risk of constipation. That in turn makes it easier to make bowel movements. The result is you can lower the chance of gastro-intestinal discomfort.


  1. Cancer

Eating more dietary fiber lowers the risks of certain kind of cancer including color cancer. A study by CSU Extension showed that insoluble fiber boosts how fast the body removes waste. This lowers the amount of toxic substances the body I exposed to as a digestion by-product.


Insoluble fiber can help to maintain a good pH level in the person’s intestines. This helps to keep bacteria from forming cancer-causing substances. However, it should be noted that it seems fiber has little effect on colon cancer developing.


An Insoluble Fiber Supplement is one of the best options if you need more your fiber in your diet. These tips will help you to pick the right one and get your digestion back on the right track.


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